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3 August 2015: Spatialest rolls into Lee County, FL

Fort Myers, County seat of Lee Co, Florida has acquired Comper, the best Sales Comparison selector in the Industry. Ken Wilkinson, Property Appraiser, Lee County is known for encouraging transparency and openness commented:

"New this year and continuing in the tradition of encouraging transparency and accountability for our office, we are pleased to partner with Spatialest to bring you their latest version of Comper. Comper is an easy to use comparable sales program and value review tool that allows Lee County taxpayers to see their property, find sales that are comparable to their property and scrutinize how well our values reflect the market. Comper uses the same data that our appraisers have available to them making it the perfect check and balance to our work. We are excited for the opportunity to provide this service to our taxpayers."

Ken Wilkinson, Property Apprasier, Lee Co, FL

Todd Bergren, National Sales Manager commented:

"With an active market the Property Appraiser's office needs as much help as they can get. Comper will help the office save time and money. As a Floridian myself I'm proud to work with Mr Wilkinson and his staff"

Property values in Lee County continue to rise as indicated by the estimated 2015 Tax Roll Values released recently by 35 year veteran Property Appraiser, Ken Wilkinson. The appraiser's preliminary figures for 2015 countywide are higher by 5.5 percent over last year's final figures. The Comper solution is now live and can be viewed here.

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